• Jan 11 Fri 2008 00:06
  • I try

I try to learn the differences between people
I try not to judge
I try to slow down my pace
I try to relax
I try to act like a fool sometimes
I try not to be a fool all the time
I try to make people around me happy
I try to make good laughs
I try to mean what I say
I try to be real
I try not to work for money
I try to be happy
I try to sing with the right bits and right pitch
I try to act with my heart
I try to appreciate the small things in life
I try to think larger than life
I try to work hard
I try to have fun
I try to find the balance between having a nice figure and enjoying good food
I try to live healthy
I try to cherish all the moments that touch my heart
I try to live my life

I may not be successful at everything I am trying, but hey, at least I am trying.
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  • Dranghouzon
  • I try to understand why meganlai can accept you !
  • lmru
  • 時光在手中飛逝 眼前浮現許多畫面<br />
    無法掌握未來的情況 只好把握眼前每分每秒<br />
    悲傷 快樂 憤怒 驚喜 驚喜 戀愛 失戀<br />
    一切不能接受的 都必須去接受<br />
    也許成長是痛苦的 但那卻是不得不接受的事實<br />
    把握每分每秒的時刻<br />
    記取每分每秒的的經驗<br />
    只有這些是自己能掌握的<br />
    把握現在身邊的人也許有天想要珍惜時<br />
    卻發現已經人事全非<br />
    人們總是這樣<br />
    風平浪靜的生活太無趣<br />
    大風大浪的歲月卻又怕暈船<br />
    加油 共勉之 <br />
  • Forever_Friends
  • Wow,extremely fluent ENGLISH!!<br />
    GREAT!!<br />
    Keep up your good work=]<br />
    <br />
    From HK*
  • yh
  • keep trying! 加油!
  • 海倫
  • Yes, keep trying, at least you have tried.
  • 悄悄話
  • essecax
  • wow! your english is excellent! if you ever meet 羅志祥 again, teach him! he is horrible at english!
  • 悄悄話
  • snoopyx7
  • haha i can imagine u sayin this out loud<br />
    ^ ^
  • booboo
  • You are so gorgeous! Love it. And you are really good at<br />
    english. Probably better than me, and I'm from Australia. :D
  • ismecindy
  • 是呀~<br />
    每個人都在try...<br />
    try to live with better life<br />
    try everything we could do to be perfect<br />
    但是並沒有每一件事情都可以做的十全十美<br />
    不過至少我們都try過...<br />
    都努力過~.<br />
    最近才剛開始看"這裡發現愛"<br />
    沒辦法~~沒住在台灣~畢竟什麼東西都得慢半拍~~哈<br />
    你加油...<br />