My life philosophy has always been " it is not a wrong thing as long as
you are not purposely hurting someone else."
People grow up from different backgrounds and that made each one of us
seeing things differently, and do things differently.
I try to understand that and try not to judge people as long as
they are not doing what's obvious wrong in life (for example,
killing people, or raping) cuz i know doing the right thing is hard,
and it's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from it.

But just recently talking to some friends around me really got me thinking.
We were talking about the subjects of the girls who are "easy,"
and at that moment I felt like I was judging those type of girls.
Afterwards, it really got me thinking whether i was doing the right thing.
When girls are sleeping around, they are not hurting anyone else.
I don't agree with it cuz that's not in my belief, but who am i there to judge
others. I am not perfect, either. People probably think I am a slut wearing
short skirts dancing in a club. Yea, and I felt like I was wrong.
I don't want to be a double standard hypocrite.
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  • Luanne
  • Sometimes it's not a matter of judgement, it's probably just different perspectives which causes us to view matters differently.<br />
    Sometimes, we lay judgement unintentionally. That's fine too, we are all learning and maturing through life's experience.<br />
    My friend once illustrated this to me, when you're tempted to judge, try to picture a miror in front of you, Do you see the same <br />
    flaws in your own reflection? This helps you to ponder on what you are about to say? Is the opinion necessary? Are they <br />
    edifying? Most important of all, do not forget how we ourselves look like in the mirror. Are there anything we need to improve on or <br />
    change? Mistakes will not remain as mistakes if they succeed in teaching us what we need to learn.<br />
    all the best in your new series. I love 'Why Why Love' very much. Well, I'm from Malaysia, I understand Chinese, but I actually <br />
    haven't find out how to load chinese fonts in my laptop. ha ha.
  • milk11xiah
  • People grow up with criticism..<br />
    but we no need to care about someone's criticism..<br />
    They are just boring...<br />
    Do whatever you like in the right way..<br />
    Support you
  • gigi
  • wow michelle, never knew you went into the entertainment<br />
    industry :) it's been....4 yrs since i last saw u @ SC? (vivian<br />
    told me abt it just yesterday, you probably won't even remember<br />
    me :P ) but i don't think you should let others influence u, esp<br />
    in that industry. i rmb u as a person w a great set of values<br />
    and morals and i dont think you'd be the type to compromise. <br />
    add oil o~
  • lexusis200
  • You trust in yourself and you know what you are doing. <br />
    Don't call yourseld slut because you just try to relex yourself from heavy workload. <br />
    Ppl have different way to release their pressure, and you are just no not wrong by going to pub. <br />
    <br />
    Ppl have only one life and you should live it with no regards! ^^
  • damienyue
  • sometime hurting some1 doesnt really need a reason. and the hurting just keep comin.<br />
    it really depends as hurting can be good some how some way~ :)<br />
    <br />
    really love the show after all.. haha i m rainie's singapore fan~~<br />
    but i do support u too~~
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