My life philosophy has always been " it is not a wrong thing as long as
you are not purposely hurting someone else."
People grow up from different backgrounds and that made each one of us
seeing things differently, and do things differently.
I try to understand that and try not to judge people as long as
they are not doing what's obvious wrong in life (for example,
killing people, or raping) cuz i know doing the right thing is hard,
and it's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from it.

But just recently talking to some friends around me really got me thinking.
We were talking about the subjects of the girls who are "easy,"
and at that moment I felt like I was judging those type of girls.
Afterwards, it really got me thinking whether i was doing the right thing.
When girls are sleeping around, they are not hurting anyone else.
I don't agree with it cuz that's not in my belief, but who am i there to judge
others. I am not perfect, either. People probably think I am a slut wearing
short skirts dancing in a club. Yea, and I felt like I was wrong.
I don't want to be a double standard hypocrite.


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