What you think of who you are is one thing, but how people perceive
you is usually another. We, as human being, all living in a society,
and a society by definition means a grouping of individuals.
Since most of us don't live through our lives alone, while being true to youself
and doing whatever makes you happy is very important to you living in this life,
how other people see you and remember you should also be taken
into consideration of what made of "who you are."
So, the key is to find the balance between how to be true to yourself, and hope people
around you would understand whatever you are doing. But even if they don't
agree, it should be fine because you are not necessarily doing the right thing, and to
find out whether you are doing the right thing or wrong thing,
most times it takes time for one to find out. And we should constantly listen to our
hearts to know if we are doing the right things while taking good advice from people,
, and adjust ourselves to be better people.


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